How to Write a Fascinating Personal Bio in 7 Easy Steps

Does your personal bio lack flare? 🙁

Today I want to talk about a handful of ways to amplify the impact of the personal bio on the “about me” section of your blog.

This is extremely important yet often overlooked and undervalued, as it can help you connect with your audience and build a loyal following.

The key to writing a good bio is to always keep your audience in mind and how it is you wish to connect with them.

Here are seven helpful tips to remember when getting ready to write your personal bio and put your best foot forward:

1. Connect with your audience. Your audience has a personality. The voice used throughout your blog should connect with this audience. Get to know your audience and you will understand what voice resonates with them the most.

2. Give people a reason to read what you write. Start your bio by telling people why it is they should want to be on your blog in the first place. Specify the type of people you are looking to attract and what you are looking to accomplish. People who connect with your “mission” will become loyal readers.

3. Build credibility. If you have anything that sets you and your blog apart, mention it! Awards, accomplishments and education are all good things to mention in a bio if they will help to endear you to your audience.

4. Feature a good picture. Since your bio is all about you, a picture speaks volumes. Let your visitors see the person behind the blog. People feel more connected to a blog/website when they know there is a real person at the controls. If you would rather not use your photo, at least feature an illustration that represents you and your personality.

5. State your intent. It’s important to specify how you intend to help your readers. Make it clear that you not only want to help, but mention how you are going to help. Be specific. This shows your intention to provide value.

6. Write clearly. Connecting with people is a lot easier when you are genuine. Rather than use complex, unnatural vocabulary, aim for everyday language. Treat it like a conversation between you and your readers.

7. Specify a call to action (CTA). If people are already taking the time to read your bio, it’s the perfect time to nudge them toward whatever it is you would like for them to do next. For example, connect on social media or sign up for your newsletter.

Ready to get started? Use the tips above and you will be well on your way.

Let me know some of your favorite tips, too!

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