Fighting (Writing?) Through Fatigue

I have to apologize for the recent lack of updates. I have been struggling with energy levels after long days of work and poor sleeping habits.

On a personal note, sleeping has never been my strong suit. After putting in long days of work, making time for family and friends, exercising, and spending any extra time in the evenings on freelance work or writing for various projects, my mind is racing and it’s midnight before I know it. Forget about a quick transition into sleep!

I have tried various teas, relaxation methods, yoga, and even valerian root for sleep (a popular go-to). These things help, but crawling into bed with a mind that is still firing on all cylinders doesn’t usually result in quickly falling asleep.

Typically, writing is what’s on my mind (in one form or another). Go figure. At any given time, I have multiple projects in the works or articles needing to be written.

After a lot of trial and error, I realized that what I enjoy most is also my solution to sleeping better:

Writing things down!

It’s nothing new; you have likely seen it suggested many times over the years to write down everything on your mind prior to sleeping to free your mind for a more restful night’s sleep. Like me, there is a good chance you brushed off the suggestion and instead went the route of teas and supplements, as I mentioned earlier.

Well, surprise: writing things down has helped more than anything else.

  • I write down ideas for articles
  • I write down things that I need to do the following day (which helps me stop worrying about them)
  • I write down any worries (the act of which often causes the worries to subside)

It really helps me to calm my mind and sleep without anxiety.

The next morning, I look at my previous night’s list and prioritize my day accordingly.

Give it a try! Let me know if it works for you, too. 🙂