Are You Guilty of Perfect Inaction?

Whether currently or previously, there is a strong likelihood you have struggled with perfect inaction. Especially as a blogger.

What is perfect inaction?
It’s being a perfectionist to the point of perpetual inaction.

  • “I will _____ just as soon as ____”
  • “If I had _____, _____”
  • “Once _____ is squared away, _____”
  • “I could totally do that, but _____”

Do any of these sound familiar?

They can relate to writing. They can relate to design. They can relate to time. Anything!

For example, you may often see other people creating projects/products related to something about which you are passionate, yet instead of admiration you feel a tinge of jealousy because you know that you are capable of doing just as well (if not better), yet you don’t.

Or maybe what started as a one-month “planning” stage has turned into two months, three months, six months, a year, or more. Or perhaps scrapped entirely. 🙁

It could even be something as simple as not being able to write your first blog post.

It’s not just procrastination. It’s perfect inaction.

You are literally “not doing” because of a fear of failure, a fear of not being perfect, a fear of not receiving approval, or a fear of not being good enough.

Instead of perfect inaction, strive for imperfect action. Imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time!

In the words of Nike and Shia LaBeouf, just do it!

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